Justin Shares An Emotional Message Online After His Split With Carly On 'MAFS'

"Time to leave..."

Justin Shares An Emotional Message Online After His Split With Carly On 'MAFS' Channel Nine

After months of not getting along, last night on Married At First Sight, Carly and Justin both decided to leave the experiment because, let's be honest, they definitely weren't right for each other.

At the dinner party earlier this week, Carly brutally took down Justin, saying that he didn't try hard enough to make their marriage work and at the commitment ceremony, was quite firm with him.

In response, Justin has taken to Instagram to explain that the good times he and Carly had together never aired and that the girls on the show were "brave" to put themselves out there.


"Time to leave. Thank you Carly Bowyer.

"We shared an experience that only the two of us will ever trully understand. Shame the fun times we had were not aired. 

"Vanuatu with you was one of the best weeks of my life and a great memory I will never forget. 

"(Those seafood platters and the fire twirling show on the beach!!) I will go back there one day and find that ring! Lol. 

"HUGE hats off to all of the cast members of MAFS current and past seasons. Especially all the girls who are so brave to put themselves out there."

He also took a swipe at the hardcore MAFS fans who have slammed contestants on social media.

Justin has received a lot of hateful comments online and said that the people attacking him aren't setting a good example for their children.

"(Ignore all the trash and cyberbullying on social media. Quite sad the example the adults AND media are setting for our kids)"

Carly also took to Instagram this morning to reflect on her MAFS experience, saying that she's happy that she tried to make her relationship with Justin work, even though he didn't do the same for her.


"Tonight I leave with my head held high that I put everything I could into this experiment and I'm proud that I conducted myself with integrity and honesty. 

"I didn't want to walk away with any regrets or what ifs - So I remained open and honest, put in a great deal of effort and focussed on making the relationship work.

"It's a shame that Justin can't say the same."

She then continued to say that she learned a lot about herself on the show, which is more than Justin could have ever given her in a marriage.

"I have no regrets about anything that happened. 

"I learnt how resilient and strong I am as a person and I walk away knowing what I deserve - and it's a lot more than what Justin could give me."

She then ended her reflection by saying that although she thought she knew what she wanted in a man, she now knows that it may not be what she needs.

"I went into the experiment with an open mind and was so hopeful that I would find the love of my life.

"I always thought that I knew what I wanted in a man but sometimes you think you know what you want but you don't always know what you need. I do now."

Hopefully, there's not too many hard feelings between these two...


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