Jarrod Has Explained Why His Skin Was Always So Red On Bachelor In Paradise

"It wasn't always burnt..."

Jarrod Has Explained Why His Skin Was Always So Red On Bachelor In Paradise Network Ten

One of the biggest Bachelor In Paradise talking points between fans, other than the couples and rose ceremonies, was Jarrod and his consistently red skin.

A lot of people thought that the poor guy was just consistency getting sunburnt, heck, we made a video about one of the show's producers telling him he couldn't have any sunscreen because people liked seeing him burnt...

But now, weeks after he gave Keira a commitment ring, Jarrod has finally addressed his red skin.


In an interview with Pedestrian this afternoon, Jarrod assured fans that he wan't always burnt, it turns out he has a common skin condition that he's currently getting treatment for.

"Ha. Yes, there there was sunscreen on Paradise, and yes, I did apply it.

"At times I was a bit bad, but it was so hot, it was humid. Apparently, I’ve got Scottish in my blood, so therefore I’m not made for the hot climate. And that’s why I go red when I’m in such heat.

"It’s not good. It’s not always burn. But I’m actually doing treatments at the moment for my skin. Apparently I’ve got rosacea, which is a mild, mild case of acne, which is just your pigment and what not. You do the treatments and it milds everything down for you.”

Rosacea is an extremely common acne-like skin condition that can make the skin appear red without anything agitating it. 

The condition can worsen in hot and humid environments so really, it's not surprising that Jarrod was slightly more pink in Fiji than he was in the Bachelorette mansion.


Luckily, that didn't stop him falling in love with Keira and her falling in love with him.

They're still together and very happy, despite their rocky start on the show.

"I think once we both realised that our egos need to be put away, we saw the potential in [our relationship].

"I handled things a bit differently than I normally do, and so did Keira, so it was just a good time for us to really find out what we need to work on, what we don’t need to worry about. We had to go through all the bad eggs to find the good ones."



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