Jarrod Has Accused Stu Of Sabotaging His Chances With Sophie, Because Of Course He Has


Jarrod Has Accused Stu Of Sabotaging His Chances With Sophie, Because Of Course He Has Channel Ten

We're down to the final two on The Bachelorette and honestly, who expected Jarrod to make it this far?!

For those who missed the show last night, Sophie said in a piece-to-camera that she knows the winery manager is intense, but that's what she likes about him!

She then sent home Apollo after a REALLY awkward date that involved one too many breadsticks.

Tonight, both Jarrod and Stu will finally get a chance to sit down with Sophie's family so they can let her know who they like best.

Jarrod has already met Sophie's parents briefly, when Soph pulled that sneaky drivers stunt.


He also met her sister on that "arty" group date where, if we remember correctly, he basically copied her picture to make it look like they had a lot in common. 


Stu, however, hasn't met the Monk family at all, so tonight's going to be interesting.

Now, before we get into the grand finale, we must discuss something.

Jarrod has accused Stu of sabotaging his chances with Sophie because, you know, it's Jarrod.

Of course, he has.

Whilst speaking to OK! Magazine, the ex-solider explained that during the series, Stu told Jarrod to change his tactics a little bit and maybe ease off and give Sophie some space.

"Stu pulled me up [about] my feelings for Sophie.

"You should slow things down a little bit,' but I was onto him."

Wait a minute, we remember this episode!

Jarrod had confided in Stu because the other guys (cough, Blake, cough) were giving him a hard time about his pot plant.


Stu was being helpful, STU WAS BEING A DAD!

Apparently, we were wrong.

"I didn't listen, and I'm glad I didn't because watching the show back, I see how he had all the right answers.

"I'm like, 'You're a cunning little bloke'."

Do you think Stu was sabotaging him?

Or do you think Jarrod may just be overthinking things a bit?

Let us know in the comments!