James Van Der Beek Is Haunted By This One Thing From Dawson's Creek

Oh dear...

James Van Der Beek Is Haunted By This One Thing From Dawson's Creek

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Sometimes it can be very hard to escape your past.

Dawson's Creek was one of the most popular teen dramas of the 90's and brought Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams onto our radars.

But we cannot forget James Van Der Beek, the man who played Dawson Leery for the shows six seasons.

He became an instant heartthrob when the show premiered, but these days, he's probably most known for this meme:


James has done a lot of things since Dawson's Creek ended, but during an interview with The Guardian, he said there's one aspect of the show he can't escape.

Its theme song.

“I have a complicated relationship with that song.

"If I was at karaoke and it started playing there’s a part of me – and I’m a f****** grown-ass man with four kids – that still wants to go hide under the table.

"I was at a pharmacy in Philadelphia and it came on and I immediately went into a weird panic.

"I think it’s tied to the pandemonium that accompanied that, for which there was no off button."


At the very beginning of the interview, James also brought up the BIG question that all 90's TV stars seem to get these days.

Will there be a Dawson's Creek reunion?

"That’s the question that comes at the end of every interview

"Somebody says, ‘OK now, I apologise, you know I have to ask…’

"Some characters live with you for a while and you wonder how they’re doing and what they’d be doing now.

"I felt pretty complete putting that one on the shelf and not looking at him again."

So a hard pass on that one.

Although James seems to have a pretty weird relationship with the show, he said that he still finds the crying meme pretty funny.

So we're just going to leave it here...again...