Iconic Home & Away Couple Melissa George And Dieter Brummer Address Feud Rumours

Things weren't so happy.

Iconic Home & Away Couple Melissa George And Dieter Brummer Address Feud Rumours

In the mid 90s there was one Australian television couple who stood above all others.

I can only be talking about Shane and Angel from Home and Away. Played by Dieter Brummer and Melissa George, they were Australia’s top on-screen couple who had beaten all the odds. Angel had gotten up out of her wheelchair and WALKED down the aisle. They were truly in love!

But things off screen weren’t as rosy as they were on screen, a fact which I can vaguely remember from TV Hits articles written at the time. Dieter and Melissa were not friends, and there were rumours of some kind of awkward working relationship way back in those pre-social media days.

Now the two actors have seemingly confirmed that they did not get on while filming. 

There was a lot of pressure on us,” Melissa said during an upcoming Home and Away special. “We had to look like the perfect darling couple in public.”

Dieter was even more outspoken when asked what their relationship was like off screen. 

“It wasn’t like anything off screen,” Dieter said. “It was all on screen.”

Even Alf himself weighed in on this incredibly serious mid-90s issue.

“I’m not sure that they got on personally 100 per cent, 100 per cent of the time,” Ray Meagher said.

I still cry when I watch Shane’s tragic death scene, which honestly might be the saddest (and most 90s) moment on Australian TV of all time. Luckily a hero has uploaded a clip to YouTube so you can cry too.


Home And Away: Endless Summer airs on Channel 7, Tuesday, 17 July at 7.30pm. Hopefully we will get an even deeper look at Melissa and Dieter's relationship.

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