How Love Island’s Tasha Feels About The ‘Cass & Josh’ Situation

We're still livid...

How Love Island’s Tasha Feels About The ‘Cass & Josh’ Situation Instagram @ tashacherie

Tasha may have left Love Island Australia last week, but fans aren’t done with her yet. 

Everyone got a little shock when Josh decided to choose Cass instead, because Cass said she ‘felt a spark with him’. 

Then, within only a day, Cass moved on to the new guy, Dom, and dropped Josh in a shock twist that fans were fuming about!

Now, Tasha has opened up about how she feels about the whole Cass and Josh situation, taking to Instagram to share a lengthy rant. 

"Hey guys,” Tasha began.

"I have just arrived back in Perth this morning. 

"I have had so many DMs asking me how I feel about the whole Cass and Josh situation. 

"I have only just had the chance to watch the last couple of episodes and it really saddens me that my prediction was correct about Cass.



"To begin with it really hurts me that she has dumped Josh after 24hours. Josh has already been through a roller coaster of emotions and he's such a lovely person that he doesn't deserve to have his emotions messed around.

"Secondly I really hoped that Cass's feelings were genuine and that Josh and herself would have a fairytale ending! Unfortunately for me Cass decided to throw me under the bus literally the day we thought we would be recoupling. For those feelings to not be genuine just shows what type of girl Cass is and it saddens me to say that she's obviously playing the game... She's an actress in real life and boasts that she can cry on cue. 

"After watching the episodes about Cass and Dom I feel that Dom doesn't like her in a romantic sense but luckily for Cass she will be fine and will easily be able to find another "connection" with someone else. 

"This sucks having to write this as I genuinely felt that Cass was one of my close friends in the villa and I really enjoyed hanging out with her. 

"I will be uploading a YouTube video soon so comment below any questions you would like me to answer in the video. My link is in the bio ✨ #loveislandau .”

Keep an eye out for her YouTube video on her page HERE

How did YOU feel about the whole Cass and Josh situation?

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