Here's Your First Look At The Creepiness Of 'Riverdale' Season Three

Coven or Cult?

Here's Your First Look At The Creepiness Of 'Riverdale' Season Three Netflix

Ahh Comic-Con, it's the one event of the year that just keeps on giving us glimpses of what's to come on both the big and little screens.

The cast of Riverdale appeared at the pop culture event overnight and of course, they brought a sneak peek of the third series with them!

After a very detailed re-cap of the show's second season, the trailer shows Archie telling his friends that he's had a disastrous summer and he just wants to do something fun.

So, he takes the gang out for a trip in his very cool '50s-inspired ride.

Of course, the happy-fun times don't last long in Riverdale.

Soon, we're confronted with Jughead looking very pensive, before Betty walks down the staircase in her house to find her mum and her sister performing some kind of ritual with the Cooper/Blossom twins.

Is this a witches coven, or a cult?

Things are going to get VERY American Horror Story this season...

Riverdale returns on October 10.

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