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Here's Which 'Bachelorette' Guys We Reckon Could Win Based On Their Instagram Pages!

Drumroll please...

Here's Which 'Bachelorette' Guys We Reckon Could Win Based On Their Instagram Pages! Channel Ten

We may only be two episodes into Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette but honestly, we're already addicted to it!

There's been a lot of drama on the show already.

Like Blake and Jarrod's fight over a few pairs of Ugg Boots (only in Australia...)...


Sam's weird obsessiveness during the photo shoot group date...


And both Sophie and Jarrod freaking out about a single date that in real life, neither of them would go on because they're both s$#% scared of heights.


Now, although we're only two episodes in, we think we may know who will end up in Sophie's top five already.

How do we know?

Instagram everyone... through good old Instagram.

Let us show you our findings...

First off the bat is Jefferson De La Rosa.

The man has a cute smile...


And is a self-proclaimed foodie!


He could go alright on The Bachelorette but hasn't had much airtime on the show so we're thinking he may be one of the next ones to go if he can't catch Sophie's attention.

Next up is Luke McLeod!

He already made an impression on Sophie with his Clooney-like looks, we're just patiently waiting to see what she says when she sees this...


He's family orientated, loves to just hang out and have a beer at the beach and just seems like a really chilled out bloke...


He had husband music playing for him on the red carpet when he arrived so we think this guy is definitely a big contender!

Why, hello there, Pete De Gail!


Pete is another guy who loves to kick it down at the beach and have a good time!

He also knows how to have a laugh at himself too...


This guy may not do too badly, so we'll keep our finger's crossed for him.

Ryan Jones on the other hand... no.

Just no.

We've already seen how aggressive he can be on the show but when you check out his Instagram...

He's clearly a footy fan who loves to get out on the field...


And is a seasoned traveller!


Unfortunately, though, he's definitely the Jen of this season and will cause trouble for a while before making a dramatic exit. 

We're calling it now!

Now, Eden Schwencke is an interesting fella.

His acting profile was found online not too long ago and this guy is CLEARLY in tune with his creative side...


There's also a few model shots on his account so the guy knows how to clean up well!


Now he does have a few things in common with Sophie professionally, but will he win her heart?

To be honest, we're not so sure...

Now, let's take a second to discuss James Trethewie.

The poor guy was speechless when he met Sophie for the first time, but hopefully, she'll soon find out that "Jimmy" is actually a bit of a yogi...


And LOVES to travel!


This guy may be the Elise of Sophie's season!

He'll be the one that swoops in halfway through and takes her breath away!

Hayden Felsenthal, the dabber, chose the Instagram handle "cerealkillaaa" and in his biography says he has a "PH dab".

This should tell you everything you need to know already...


He clearly has a sense of humour...


But as we all know, being funny isn't everything and so, we reckon if Hayden wants to do well, he may need to pull up his sleeves and get serious!

Now we must take a look at Bingham Fitz-Henry, the polo player.

Polo, the one with horses, is a very fancy sport and so, if you play it you're probably a pretty fancy dude... right?!

Well, luckily the guy cleans up quite well and looks like a pretty sweet person...


And LOVES all animals!


This guy could do quite well on The Bachelorette because he just seems like an old-fashioned nice guy!

Okay fine, well look at Apollo's Instagram... geez stop asking!

It seems like this Queenslander has the winning spot in the bag because even the other guys just LOVE him!

He's obviously willing to try anything...


And knows how to work that body he trained so hard to get!


This guy will be in the top three at the very least because come on... LOOK AT HIM!

Harry Farran may be a bit of a wildcard this season too.

He's already shown off his backflip skills and isn't willing to take any s#$% from anyone (cough, Ryan, cough), but he also loves a good surf...


And a good laugh.


Harry could go okay on The Bachelorette, but he may not make it into the top five.


Well, how many surfers have you seen so far?

Mackane Reid is one of those guys who loves to surf and loves to travel.


There are A LOT of travel photos on his Instagram...

Is this guy EVER in Australia?!


Sophie may go for a guy who likes to stay put for a while... sorry, Mackane.

Brett Moore is a "digital creative" who is also a "human being"... that's what his Instagram biography says anyway.


He's a trainer who loves photography, but doesn't mind being in front of the camera every once in a while and who could blame him?!


But will this win over our Aussie icon Bachelorette?

Hmmm... we're going to have to think about this a bit Moore... boom tish!

Okay, do we really need to talk about Blake Colman?


Like, really?!


If Ryan is Jen, then Blake is the Leah of this season.

Moving on...

Sam Cochrane is the voice over guy who DOESN'T STOP TALKING!

We know a few people like that though, and they generally have a good heart and clearly, this guy does.

Remember his nephews?


He also loves a good meme and really, who doesn't?!


He may have caused a teensy bit of trouble on the group date but if he gets himself together, this guy could make the top five!

Now, last but certainly not least... Jarrod Woodgate!

Everyone, he runs a winery for goodness sake!


He got the first kiss of the season (FYI, Laura got the first kiss of Matty's season and WON!) and faced his fear of heights in the name of love!

He's also a family man, in case your ovaries haven't already started to tingle...


And he's just a good catch!

If he doesn't win this, he'll be in the top two.

So who do you think will win over Sophie?

Let us know in the comments!