Here's The Real Reason Why Joey Wore A Sling On 'Friends'

It wasn't jumping on the bed...

Here's The Real Reason Why Joey Wore A Sling On 'Friends' Image: NBC

Who doesn't love hanging out on the couch and bingeing as many episodes of Friends as you can?!

One of our favourite episodes of the show is 'The One Where No One's Ready' where Ross tries to get everyone to hurry up and get ready to go to his fancy museum party.

But of course, everyone takes FOREVER!

The episode gave us some classic Friends moments like "could I BE wearing any more clothes"...


And you may remember that in the episodes following 'The One Where No One's Ready' Joey is wearing a sling.

Back then, we thought it was just written into the script but it turns out Matt LeBlanc, the actor who played Joey, had actually dislocated his shoulder on set!


Whilst on Jimmy Kimmel Live! he revealed that during a scene, he ran for the couch and landed VERY strangely when he got there.

"It was the second scene and me and Chandler were fighting over the big down chair.

"I was downstage by the table and he comes through the door and we both look at each other, and look at the chair, and neither of us is sitting in it so we both race to the chair.

"Somehow I ended up completely upside down and I was going to land on my head between the table and the chair, so I put my arm up to break my fall and just exploded my shoulder."

So he wasn't just jumping on the bed...