Here's The Full List Of Blokes Who Will Be Dating Sophie Monk On 'The Bachelorette'

Who will win?!

Here's The Full List Of Blokes Who Will Be Dating Sophie Monk On 'The Bachelorette' Channel Ten

Now that Matty and Laura are happy as clams, we can finally focus on Sophie Monk and her journey to find love on The Bachelorette!

Her series officially kicks off this Wednesday and we've met a few of her suitors already...

First, we were introduced to Blake, an entrepreneur who is apparently "nothing like this show has ever seen before".


Then we met Jarrod, a man who knows wine like the back of his hand!


Now, these guys seem like pretty good dudes, but what about the rest of them?!

Who else will be fighting for Sophie's heart in the Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion?!

Channel Ten has finally given us a glimpse at the other men searching for love and, well, there's definitely a mixed bag!


So we've already met Blake and Jarrod, and you'll probably remember the Gold Coast-based magician Apollo from the first promo...


Now we also have: 

Bingham, a 25-year-old polo player from Queensland.

Brett, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Western Australia.

Chad, a 37-year-old contract manager from Victoria.

Eden, a 33-year-old scaffolder from WA.

Harry, a 24-year-old restaurant manager from South Australia.

Hayden, a 29-year-old marketing manager from VIC.

James, a 31-year-old financial advisor from New South Wales.

Jamie, a 38-year-old engineer from WA.

Jefferson, a 30-year-old events manager from NSW.

Jourdan, a 25-year-old bar manager from QLD.

Luke, a 33-year-old business culture consultant from NSW.

Mackane, a 35-year-old small business owner from WA.

Pete, a 32-year-old fashion designer from NSW.

Ryan, a 26-year-old construction foreman from NSW.

and lastly, we have Sam, a 31-year-old voiceover artist from NSW.

So, what do we make of these fellas?

Sophie has already revealed that she did fall in love with one of these gorgeous blokes, but we have NO IDEA who that would be!

We need to know more!

Who do you think looks like a good contender?

Let us know in the comments!