Here’s What Happened To THAT Ring Nick Had In His Pocket On The Bachelor

T'was such a lovely ring...

Here’s What Happened To THAT Ring Nick Had In His Pocket On The Bachelor Larsen Jewellery / Network Ten

We all tuned into The Bachelor finale this week under the assumption that Nick was giving the winner a ring, reportedly worth $20,000. 

But then, Nick upped and left us all in shock, choosing NO ONE, which left us wondering - what the hell happened to that ring?!

The ring on this season was provided by the same jewellers who supplied one to Matty Johnson last year - Larsen Jewellery.

Obviously, Nick is a little different to every other Aussie Bachelor, with the producer’s thought that he’d choose a ‘winner’ turning out to be wrong. 

The company has now revealed was exactly happened to that ring Nick was gifted with for the winning girl, writing on social media, "At Larsen Jewellery, we understand that giving a bespoke ring whether it be a commitment, promise or engagement ring, is a very significant and important statement in any relationship, and certainly not something to be taken lightly. 


"We respect the decision that Nick has made.

"The ring has been safely delivered back to us this morning and we plan to donate it to charity.

"We wish Britt, Sophie and Nick all the happiness in the world and look forward to following their journeys to find love."

Well, there you go...

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