Here’s Our FIRST Look At 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8

Bend the knee...

Here’s Our FIRST Look At 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 HBO

Game Of Thrones has been treating us a little unkindly of late, with the final book release seeming like it will never eventuate and the final season of the show being pushed back to late May of 2019. 

But now, in a bid to to say sorry, HBO has given us our first look at season 8 of Game Of Thrones!

We’ll admit, it’s a super quick sneak peek, recapping some iconic season 7 moments and then giving us flash looks at our fave characters doing some suspicious things!

The first look of GOT is a part of many first look clips of HBO’s new shows and seasons, so buckle up and get ready for a whirlwind ride!


The final season of Game Of Thrones is set to grace our lives at the end of May, if all goes to plan.


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