Here Are A Few Reasons Why 'Master Of None' Is One Of The Best Shows On Netflix

Have you watched it?

Here Are A Few Reasons Why 'Master Of None' Is One Of The Best Shows On Netflix

Image: Netflix

Sometimes, when you're looking for something to watch on Netflix, you can pass some gems.

When we can't decide what to watch, we all end up scrolling aimlessly through each category just waiting for a new show to jump out at us.

If you've been doing this a lot recently and still haven't decided to check out Master Of None, here are a few reasons why you most DEFINITELY should.

1. It's Got An Amazing Cast

Master Of None was created by Aziz Ansari, who also stars in the show, writes a lot of the scripts and directs a majority of the episodes.

If the name rings a bell and you still can't match the face to the name, let us help you out...



Yep, it's Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation (if you haven't seen that show either we recommend going out and buying that box set ASAP!).

Aziz's best friend in the show, Arnold, is played by Eric Wareheim, who may also recognise from basically every amazing meme on the internet...


There are also a bunch of other unknown actors and actresses who you will most definitely fall in love with.

2. It Cures Your Wanderlust

The first season of the show is set in New York City, so if you've been thinking about the "Big Apple" recently, this show will show you the best of what the city has to offer.


The second season also takes you to Italy!

Every scene just looks stunning and to be honest, we've been close to buying tickets there simply because this show makes it look so beautiful... 


3. It Gets That Dating Is Actually REALLY Hard

If you're struggling with the whole concept of dating right now, then Master Of None is the show for you.


Whilst some shows and romantic comedies make dating seem so effortless and fun, this show isn't afraid to show what dating is REALLY like.

Basically, it just gets you.


4. It's Touches On Some Major Issues Facing The World Today

Master Of None has an incredible way of looking at some of the most talked about topics in the world today.

It touches on religion, the LGBTQ community, racism and immigration but in a very heartfelt way.


It shows you how it affects the people directly involved and is as interesting as it is entertaining.

5. It's Funny AF!

Every episode will make you laugh!

Even if one episode is touching on a touchy subject, it still finds a way to make everything seem lighthearted and fun.

The show has also just been nominated for an Emmy so clearly, people are loving it!


So, should we get the snacks?