Gaz Beadle Reveals Sam Frost Rumours Nearly Cost Him His Relationship

Not cool!

Gaz Beadle Reveals Sam Frost Rumours Nearly Cost Him His Relationship

The Hell's Kitchen and Geordie Shore star, Garry 'Gaz' Beadle was met with apologies from Hit105's Abby this morning, after she pretended to be a receptionist on the phone quizzing him (on loud speaker) about his supposed relationship with Hell's Kitchen co-star, Sam Frost.

After a lengthy silence, Gaz who was next to his girlfriend, model Emma McVey at the time of the call was clearly annoyed and explained the rumours weren't true and that he definitely had a girlfriend. 

"It was just utter bollocks. I don't even know where that came was just so stupid," he said of the rumours. 

"And obviously it was hard because she (McVey) was here when we were filming, and it got brought up a couple of times."

"It hadn't been talked about since, and then obviously I'm doing some radio shows to talk about Hell's Kitchen and literally the first phone interview is this one!"

"And we're sitting there and the phone is on loud speaker...I was like 'Why? Why?!'"

"...and thinking of the situation we're's me and Emma about to have a baby." 

Gaz said during filming he didn't go out at night, and despite rumours circulating that he was out with Frost, he confirmed he was "in bed with Emma". 

All was forgiven in studio and Gaz revealed, while he's excited to be a Dad, he's still not quite used to this 'pregnant girl' thing. 

"They're just so angry, and then they're so sweet like, 'Hi babe, do you want some breakfast?'"

"I've dealt with a lot of girls and a lot of arguments, but pregnant hormones is a whooooole new thing!" 

Listen to the full chat below!

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