Gabrielle Reveals How Nasser Treated Her When The 'MAFS' Cameras Stopped Rolling

What happened behind the scenes...

Gabrielle Reveals How Nasser Treated Her When The 'MAFS' Cameras Stopped Rolling Channel Nine

Last night's episode of Married At First Sight gave Australia a glimpse at a different side to Nasser and unfortunately, it wasn't a good side.

The groom refused to meet Gabrielle's friends and just didn't want to discuss the issues they were having in their marriage.

Today, Gabrielle has discussed her relationship with Nasser and told The Fix that he didn't seem to be interested in her when the cameras were off.

"Unfortunately, his inflexibility and stubbornness and just no interest in being a part of the experiment, other than fun activities, meant that he really wasn't there when the cameras weren't there."


Gab thought that meeting her friends and family would help mend their tumultuous relationship and when Nasser met her twin sister, she explained she became quite concerned.

"I think my sister was really feeling for me because she could see I was putting in a lot of effort because he's not someone who would normally be my type.

"She knew and could see I was trying to participate in the experiment the best way I could.

"Kerrie was, I think, quite panicked that I possibly completely wasted my time.

"And she also knows me as someone who is used to getting a healthy level of attention from men, so to see this man really hasn't even looked me in the eye or noticed me at all was something that left my sister feeling quite emotional because she really holds me at quite high esteem."


She then said that she believes Nasser thinks she's a bit of a push-over and really wanted to show him who she really was.

Gab was planning on having her friends support her when she told him how strong she was, but that plan backfired.

"I was so excited, and I also thought maybe if I show Nasser who I am then he at least knows who he's messing with, which is a pretty strong woman with a decent backbone rather than this pushover I think he think he thinks I am."

Tonight, we're supposed to see Nasser confronted by the other contestants for his behaviour, so we'll see how that pans out...


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