Gab Reveals 18kg Weight Loss After Ending Her Relationship On 'MAFS'

She looks stunning!

Gab Reveals 18kg Weight Loss After Ending Her Relationship On 'MAFS' Channel Nine

Last night on Married At First Sight, we watched quite a few couples end their marriages, but Gabrielle and Nasser's marriage was by far the one that hit us the hardest.

After John Aitken reminded them of how hard it was to have a relationship on national TV, he then handed the reigns over to Nasser who did decide to leave the relationship, as did Gab, who said she was "leaving with love".


Now, after the emotional episode, Gab has taken to Instagram to show off her new body after losing a massive 18kg whilst filming the show!


Whilst speaking to NW, Gab explained that she lost quite a lot of weight whilst filming MAFS and afterwards, because of health complications and the toll that her "emotional journey" took on her.

"With my emotional journey on the show, along with health issues towards the end of filming that I needed treatment for, my weight just dropped.

"I slimmed down a lot during and after the experiment was filming. However, I'm feeling a lot better now and letting my body do what it needs to do to stay strong and healthy – it is what it is for now!"

Gab revealed that she was diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome at the end of filming and has said that the diagnosis has given her a bit of a wake up call in regards to her health.

"I've been told by many doctors that timing was everything, and that things could have been very bad very quickly had we not gone when we did.

"My health scare was a great reminder of how much more important my health is."

In the comments of the photo, Gab thanked her fans for their support throughout her TV marriage and let's be honest, we'll all be saying "bad luck Donald Duck" for the next year!

"What an honour to be in your lounge rooms over the last little while.

"Your support and love has not gone unnoticed and I will be eternally grateful for each smile on the street, comment on social media, anyone who reached out to and the day2day is so busy your generous spirits who could have easily passed me by but you still reached out.

"If I haven't replied to you yet bare with me - I'm coming back to you.

"This experience has changed me forever and indeed for the better."

She thanks the MAFS producers for picking her out of the thousands of other applicants and at the end, sent a lot of love to the man she hopes to meet and fall in love with in the future.

"And to you, yes Mr you...the gorgeous, masculine, kind hearted man of my equal that I just haven't met yet..I may not have found you yet but I'm sure one day we'll walk into a friends BBQ with you doing your thing....wheeling our esky for me while I carry our salad...I'm still looking for you so please keep searching to find me..."

We hope Gabrielle finds happiness and love!


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