Former ‘House Rules’ Winners Carly & Leighton Welcome Baby Boy!

What a cute name!

Former ‘House Rules’ Winners Carly & Leighton Welcome Baby Boy!

Image: Channel 7 

Winners of the first season of House Rules and runner-ups in Reno Rumble, Carly and Leighton have welcomed their very first child into the world.

In an exclusive spread with New Idea, the pair introduced their new bub, Montgomery!

“He’s the spitting image of his dad when he was a baby,” Carly gushed. “There’s not too much of me visible in the mix right now.”

New dad Leighton also opened up about his partner’s 10-hour labour.

“The umbilical was wrapped around the little guy’s neck and arm, so they had to get him out pretty quick in the end," says Leighton, 37.

“We’re just lucky it all worked out OK and Carly didn’t have to have a caesarean.”

“He’s a great baby! He eats and sleeps like a champion”, Carly added. “I had a really trouble-free pregnancy, so I’m just grateful everything turned out so well.”

Carly and Leighton are also selling their beachside home as they look towards building a life around their new family!

You can see pictures of their new bub here.