Florence Still Isn't Happy With Jake, Says She Could Never Trust Him Again

Things are still heated between them...

Florence Still Isn't Happy With Jake, Says She Could Never Trust Him Again Network Ten

Not long after Jake Ellis defended himself against online trolls, we saw him send Florence home because he wanted to keep getting to know Megan Marx and if you saw last night's Bachelor In Paradise episode, you'd know that our Dutch princess wasn't happy about it.

Now, months after the show finished filming, it seems that Florence hasn't forgiven Jake.

Whilst speaking to PopSugar Australia, the bachelorette said that before the rose ceremony, Jake had taken her aside to tell her that there was a spark, before he sent her home.

"When he actually did it, I was like, I can't believe you're like this, because 10 minutes before the rose ceremony, he grabbed me for a chat and was like, it's undeniable, it's here between us, blah blah blah . . . All the sweet talk.

"So I was like, surely you're not going to talk to me and then send me home five minutes after, because you didn't have to come up to me for a chat. He didn't have to say all that, but he did. And afterwards, I was like, you are unbelievable, I have no words.

"So much for convincing me that I should let you stay."


When asked how she felt about the fact that he "flat out lied" to her face, Florence said that she believes he was actually lying to everyone on the island, explaining that she had an interaction with Sam Cochrane that highlighted the issue for her.

"He would never say, 'Yeah, I lied to you', he'd just twist the story again and make it sound like I was the one with the issues. As if I was the problem instead of him moving on to some other chick within 24 hours. That's what he does, he changes tables all the time.

"Everyone fully believed that he would give me the rose, so he's been leading everyone on. He also told the boys that he was going to give it to me — there were a few guys who were like, we want you to stay here and will make sure you're getting a rose.

"Sam came up to me and said, 'Yeah I just spoke to Jake, he's going to give it to you, it's all good babe, you're going to stay.' I was like, I don't trust him. He was like, well he just told me. And in the end, Jake didn't [give me the rose], so I feel like he lied to a lot of people about it."


Florence says that now, the two of them don't talk and she believes that she'll never truly be able to trust him again. 

"We don't talk. When his mum passed away, I reached out, because obviously that's awful. I'd spent time with him before the show and I knew about her being terminally ill, and of course, I wish him well.

"Even though I don't want him in my life, I hope he's happy and healthy. When I hear something like that, you put your differences and arguments aside to be there for someone, so that's what I did. Other than that, there's not much to talk about between us.

"I'll never trust him again and can't be friends with him."


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