Fans Think ‘Clingy’ Jarrod Is Following Sophie Monk’s EVERY Step

Yeah, nah...

Fans Think ‘Clingy’ Jarrod Is Following Sophie Monk’s EVERY Step Channel Ten

The Bachelorette is heating up this year and one of the contestants has already been described as a ‘stage five clinger’ by viewers. 

But some fans have taken the claims a step further, and believe that Jarrod Woodgate is legit following in Sophie Monk’s foot steps, after he was seen inquiring about flights to Mexico - only a day after reports circled that Sophie had flown there to get away from Aussie paparazzi!


Jarrod was spotted leaving a travel agent with a Mexico travel pamphlet in hand, and fans think he wanted to be there for Sophie during this hard time of being in the spotlight. 

But maybe it’s all coincidental and Jarrod just thought Mexico was THE place to be?


Despite the initial reports, Sophie switched travel plans at the very last minute to head to Phuket instead. 

This isn’t the first of ‘coincidences’ that fans have picked up on. This week Jarrod was spotted carrying a pack of cigarettes, despite telling everyone he would NEVER date a smoker or smoke himself.

This came after pics of Sophie smoking circulated, so of course, everyone thought that Sophie and Jarrod were together and trying to hide it from the nation. 

But only time will tell who Sophie will end up with, so tune in to The Bachelorette to follow all the action!