Everything You Need To Know About Love Island Australia Before It Premieres

It starts on Sunday!

Everything You Need To Know About Love Island Australia Before It Premieres Channel Nine

This Sunday, Australia's latest dating show will land on Channel Nine, but it's nothing like the other dating shows you know and love.

In the UK, Love Island has become one of the most beloved reality TV shows ever, but if you haven't seen it before, it might be a tad confusing at first.

So, before the show hits TV screens this Sunday, we've laid out the show from top to bottom, so you know exactly what's going on and how you can vote (yep, public voting is happening!).


How Does It Work?

The objective of the program is for a group of singles to find love, whilst living amongst each other in the same villa.

The first group of singles can choose who they're interested in, but as new contestants come into the villa, they can choose to stay with their current partner, or explore a relationship with one of the newbies.

This all sounds a lot like Bachelor In Paradise right now, but here's where Love Island has a leg up on the latest Bachie spin off.

Firstly, if someone is left single in the villa, they're usually eliminated from the show however, once there are only couples left, Australian viewers can vote to send couples home!

Audiences can vote for their favourite couples through the Love Island Australia app and those with the least amount of votes, get flown home.

Only three couples will be left in the finale and once the winning couple is announced, they can choose to share prize money with each other, or steal it and run off in the sunset with bags of cash!

In the UK version of the show, no-one has ever chosen to steal the prize money.

Secondly, the show is filmed 24-hours a day, so everything that goes on in the villa can be aired and audiences don't miss a thing!


Where Is The Love Island Villa Exactly?

Mallorca, Spain. Those lucky ducks...


Will There Be Hanky-Panky On The Show?

When Bachelor In Paradise aired, audiences expected to hear about couples getting intimate off-camera, however, news of that never hit screens.

Love Island, however, historically does tell tales of hanky-panky and some under-the-cover stuff has been shown on television!

Couples will be competing in "challenges" during the show and the winners will be able to spend the night in a private hideaway, so you know, things may happen there...


Do Any Of The Love Island Couples Stay Together?

Look, we know the success rate of Married At First Sight and the numerous incarnations of The Bachelor is pretty low, but you'll be pleased to know that Love Island has a great success rate!

Four couples from three seasons are still together, with two of them welcoming children into the world after leaving the villa!

So there's hope for the Aussie guys!


Where Can You Watch It?

Love Island Australia will start this Sunday at 8:30pm on 9GO! and 9NOW, the same channels that air the UK version of the show.

You can watch it every Sunday to Monday and each episode is put together 24hours before it airs, so you'll see everything in the villa just after it happens!



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