Everyone Thinks Melissa George Is Returning To 'Home And Away'

Is she?

Everyone Thinks Melissa George Is Returning To 'Home And Away' Channel Seven

Actress Melissa George has got Australia in a frenzy, thinking that she will return to Summer Bay and reprise her iconic role.

Melissa played Angel Parrish on the show from 1993 until 1996 and although she's tried to cut ties with the show before, she made a comment during an interview that has led fans to believe that she's now willing to bring Angel back!


During an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the actress said that she's been asked to return to Home and Away before and that now, she's tired of trying to seperate herself from the hit drama series.

"They have offered, but I don't know.

"It is a hard thing to shake and at one point I tried to shake it, but there is no point."

Numerous news outlets are now reporting that this comment is a hint that she's returning to the show that started it all. 

But is this really a hint that she's coming back?

Look, it honestly just looks like she would have to think about it... there are no definite answers here.

It could happen, but we wouldn't recommend holding your breath, folks.

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