Erin Molan's Fiance Saved For Months To Buy Her Ring & We Can See Why

It was totally worth it!

Erin Molan's Fiance Saved For Months To Buy Her Ring & We Can See Why

Image: @erin_molan Instagram

If you're an amazing journalist, beautiful and co-host The Footy Show, you're bound to have a lot of men falling for you.

But Erin Molan, who is all of these things plus so much more, found her man who, only a few days ago, decided to "pre-wife" her.


The journalist made the announcement on Instagram and everyone's jaw dropped when they saw her incredible ring.

Her fiance, policeman Sean Ogilvy, really knocked this one out of the park and on Monday, the jeweller he bought it from revealed how much the whopper actually cost!

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, jeweller Zena Kaddour revealed that the 2.2 carat diamond ring ended up costing Sean around $100,000.


The House Of K'dor owner said that it was a unique ring specifically made for Erin.

"Erin is a dear friend to me - we were delighted to be part of this all.

"We wouldn't do the same ring for anyone else - we like creating a ring for individual clients."

There were rumours flying around, as always, stating that the ring was a freebie from the jeweller.

But Zena set the record straight revealing that "the diamond ring was purchased" with reports suggesting that it took six months for Sean to save enough money for it.


The ring is phenomenal and we're so happy from Erin and Sean.

We wish them all the best!