Elora Says Simone Is Now Her “Enemy” & Lied To The Camera About The Fire-Twirling Incident

S**t has hit the fan!

Elora Says Simone Is Now Her “Enemy” & Lied To The Camera About The Fire-Twirling Incident Network Ten

Bachelor In Paradise may have ended for the week, but the drama has continued with Elora taking a swipe at Simone about her reaction to last night's fire-twirling incident.

Ever since Apollo entered Paradise, Elora and Simone have been locking horns and last night, both of them left Fiji.

Simone voluntarily left with Apollo after the rose ceremony and Elora was sent home with Florence after American Jared decided to bail and not give a rose to anyone.

Last night's episode saw Simone and Elora locking horns again when a wonderful fire-twirling show was put on for the contestants.


Elora and Apollo entertained everyone on the show except Simone, who stayed by the bar and accused Elora of going behind her back and trying to take her man away from her.

This morning, however, Elora has explained to Popsugar that Simone actually knew about the fire-twirling show and that she didn't go behind her back at all!

"Apollo and I were asking the producers for fire toys the whole time we were in Paradise, I was even waiting for someone to bring one from my home. And they landed that night, the producers came to the party and told us hey, we have fire toys if you want.

"I went to get Apollo and was like, yeah, they're here, let's do it for everybody. That's exactly how it happened. We both realised afterwards when Simone got angry, that the way it could've looked from the outside wasn't really pleasant, but the gesture was really nice and innocent.

"When I told Apollo the fire-twirlers were here, I actually told Apollo and Simone. I said hey guys, the fire-twirlers are here, do you guys want to go?   We were like kids that just got given toys and had to go get ready for it, and it was going to be for everyone."


When Elora was reminded of Simone's accusations, she flat out said that it was a lie.

"No, well, Simone says a lot of things that aren't true.

"I didn't take Apollo behind her back, it was in the middle of the party in front of everyone. The reason why I screamed "paradise" when we started spinning fire was because I was surprised no one was there watching us. It was for everyone, so I let everybody know we were on the beach. It wasn't a little escape!"

Elora said that like a lot of the other cast members on the show, she wasn't thrilled about the way she was depicted.

She said that she didn't chase after Apollo once he told her that he was "invested in Simone", but the drama was heightened for TV and that if he hadn't been dating her "enemy", the producers would have left her alone.

"I think this is why the fire toys appeared that night, because it was easy to make it seem like that. I do go for what I want, and it's not because Apollo was taken that all of a sudden, he wasn't going to be my type anymore.

"Had he been with someone who wasn't my enemy, it would've been different, but Simone made a big deal out of everything. I wasn't even allowed to go meet him as he walked in. When Ali and Michael defended me, it was because she was getting angry that I went to introduce myself to him that first night.

"She made it a big deal and there was a lot of drama around that. When he made that decision, I completely respected that."


On the flip side, Elora says that she's found love with a man from Napoli, so it looks like everything worked out for her!

"I found love actually! A week after I got out. He's a beautiful man from Napoli."


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