Ella From ‘House Rules’ Reveals Heartbreaking Family News

“It was hard leaving him."

Ella From ‘House Rules’ Reveals Heartbreaking Family News

Image: Channel Seven 

House Rules contestant Ella has revealed she had to deal with far greater issues off screen whilst filming the hit show.  

The 24-year-old found out her stepfather, Mark Webb, was diagnosed with cancer.  

Opening up to The Sunday Telegraph, Ella stated, “It was hard leaving him. You want to be around and make sure everything’s OK, it was hard going away for such a huge chunk of time.”

But, despite being given six months to live, Mark is still working as a sheep farmer 18 months later! 

"We've got a very supportive family and my stepdad's got a good outlook, he's come a long way, and he looks healthier than me!"

How's that for motivation!?

Mark is being treated through an experimental drug trial at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

We send our thoughts to Mark and Ella's family and wish him a speedy recovery.