Eden Posts Full Apology To Elora Online After Last Night's Fake Letter Saga

What he didn't say on the show...

Eden Posts Full Apology To Elora Online After Last Night's Fake Letter Saga Network Ten

If you tuned in to Bachelor In Paradise last night, you'd know that it was a complete clustercuss of people doing crappy things to each other and just giving up on the show altogether.

After Michael, Lisa and Luke all walked out on the show, there was talk of a letter that American Jared (okay, why didn't they just go with Jarrod W and Jared H? Or blonde Jarrod and brunette Jared?!) had left on Elora's bed, revealing his true feelings for her.

Ali, who shares a room with Elora, told Jared that she thought the letter was really sweet, but things got awkward when he said that he actually never wrote her a letter.

Soon, everyone was talking about the letter that he wrote and Eden then admitted that he wrote the letter as a bit of a joke... it backfired, obviously.


Elora was hurt and said that it was just "mean" to write a letter like that on a show where you're trying to find love.

During the show, Eden tried to apologise to Elora, but she wasn't having any of it and she walked away from him.

This morning, Eden has posted his full apology online and has allowed viewers to slam him as much as they like.




"'It takes a strong person to apologise and an even stronger person to forgive'.

"The letter prank although at the time seemed like a harmless joke did bring a lot hurt and I’m sorry Elora for that. I take responsibility for my actions, we all make mistakes, and I’m sorry for the one I made tonight.

"It didn’t come from a place of jealousy or malice. So, that being said, I just wanna take a minute to say I’m not gonna turn off my comments because people at home are invested and if you want to express yourself through messages of hate, feel free to below. 

"Get it all out guys so we can move past this. For those who sent me kind messages, I appreciate it. Peace & love."

It would be easy to move past this if Eden had left the show but instead, Elora decided to save him during last night's rose ceremony so... lord knows what's going to happen now!



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