Dreams Crushed Over 'Confirmed' Riverdale & Dynasty CROSSOVER That's Fake

Mate, don't get our hopes up!

Dreams Crushed Over 'Confirmed' Riverdale & Dynasty CROSSOVER That's Fake Warner Bros. Television

Sometimes, when you’re the fan of a hit show, you hang on the edge of every single word or rumour that is sprouted by your fave stars. 

This is the case at the moment for all Riverdale and Dynasty fans, because the actress who plays Hermione Lodge, Marisol Nichols, took to Instagram to tell her fans, "Did we not mention the @thecwriverdale @cw_dynasty cross over? 😉”


As you’d expect, every fan went cray-cray with excitement, in the belief that Marisol could tell no lies. 

Well, more likely than not she’s telling some tall tales as a joke, but that hasn’t stopped everyone going on and onnnnnn about how she has ‘confirmed the news of a crossover’. 

It’s gone on so much that I’m seeing articles saying it’s confirmed, which then get my excitement peaked, only to drop again when I see they’ve blatantly missed her joke. 

That said, the CW really needs to get in on this and make it happen. Ratings will go through the roof….


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