Dr Chris Brown's 'Bondi Vet' Replacement Has Been Announced!

Australia, meet the new vet(s)...

Dr Chris Brown's 'Bondi Vet' Replacement Has Been Announced! Channel Ten

Australia, after Dr Chris Brown announced that he would be leaving Bondi Vet, producers searched far and wide for the perfect replacement and finally, we know who will be filling the man's enormous shoes.

We should probably tell you now, though, there's not going to be just one Bondi Vet like there previously was... there's going to be four!

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the producers of the show had such a hard time choosing between their four finalists that they decided to just hire all four of them!

So everyone, meet your new Bondi Vets, Dr Alex Hynes...

Dr Danni Dusek...

Dr Lewis Hunt (who looks a lot like Dr Chris...) 

And finally, Dr Peter Ricci!

WTFNs director of content, Steve Oemcke, released a statement earlier today saying that the new vets all have their own special skills that they'll be bringing to the show.

“After an exhaustive search process and extensive camera testing of the final four, it was impossible to single out one candidate.

“Each of the four new Bondi Vets has a unique skill set and story to tell.

"Their love of pets and animals shines through and there is a great chemistry between them.

"Their work in front of the camera has been outstanding, and we know that fans will really get behind them as they take the show in an exciting new direction.” 

Channel Ten was the original broadcaster of Bondi Vet but WTFN is currently in discussions with a variety of networks, including Ten, to figure out where the show will live in 2018.