Davina Rankin Has Revealed That She Was Asked To Appear On Love Island!

Will she appear in Spain?

Davina Rankin Has Revealed That She Was Asked To Appear On Love Island! @davvyyxx

It's been a while since Married At First Sight wrapped up for the year and it seems like everyone who was involved in the cheating scandal has moved on from it.

Ryan is busy preparing for his first stand-up comedy tour and Dean has a new woman in his life... but what about Davina?

Well, we do know that she's got a new boyfriend, but she has revealed to The Daily Telegraph that despite her new relationship status, she has been asked to appear on the first season of Love Island!

"I did get asked to go on Love Island … and I did think about it."


So will Davina be popping up in Spain alongside other sexy singles?

Actually, no.

Davina said that she did consider joining the new series, however, she decided against it because she's determined to make her new relationship work.

"Now we are in a relationship, I wouldn’t risk it for anything."


Davina is currently dating Jaxon Manuel, an old friend of hers who co-owns Brisbane café chain Pineapple Express and says that she wants nothing more than to make things work with him.

"It’s nice having my life back. Of course I’m outspoken and sarcastic, but there’s a lot more to me that the public didn’t get to see. I am just a normal girl. I might be a little bit more opinionated than most.”

So there will be no more Davina on TV, folks.

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