David Oldfield Has Defended The Slur He Threw At Candice Warner On 'Hell's Kitchen'


David Oldfield Has Defended The Slur He Threw At Candice Warner On 'Hell's Kitchen' Image: Channel Seven

Last night's Hell's Kitchen finale shocked everyone for two major reasons.

The first was because the genuine angel that is Debra Lawrance won the entire competition and honestly, it was well deserved. 

The woman is a true legend! 


The second reason was because of something eliminated contestant David Oldfield said during the final dinner.

During the finale, all of the eliminated contestants were invited back to the show to taste a dish made by the final three contestants.

Debra, Gary Beadle, and Willie Mason created a chicken dish for their ex-competitors to judge and whilst everyone was trying to decide on a score, things got VERY heated.


Candice Warner and David began arguing about how to score the meal when she said, "how you've achieved what you've achieved is beyond me."

He then hit back at her by saying, "according to Google, your greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle!"

David was referring to an incident between Candice and rugby player Sonny Bill Williams which occurred in a toilet cubicle.


It was extremely savage.

This morning on The Morning Show, David defended his comment saying that she started having a go at him and so he felt compelled to stand up for himself.

“Candice started having a go at me right from the very beginning.

“If people have a go I have a go back.

"I can’t help it sometimes if my go may be a bit harsher or savage but you can expect that.

"I don’t fight fire with fire I fight fire with water.”

His wife Lisa also said that Candice should have known better than to target him at the dinner table.


Do you think his comments were justified or were they completely unnecessary?

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