'Bachie In Paradise' Fans Can't Believe Keira Maguire’s Plastic Surgery


'Bachie In Paradise' Fans Can't Believe Keira Maguire’s Plastic Surgery Channel Ten

The Bachelor is up and running for another year, but this time round we’re being treated to the spectacle that is The Bachelor in Paradise. 

Already, the drama is pouring in and fans can’t believe Keira Maguire’s plastic surgery transformation. 

Keira’s 2016 nose job has since been followed up by a breast enlargement, increasing her breasts from an A to a C cup. 

She spoke to NW about her procedure, performed by Dr Scott Turner, saying, “They’re the best boobs I’ve ever seen."


 Reports have stated she has also undergone a Brazilian butt lift, lip fillers, botox and eyebrow tattoos - which amounted to $35,000 in plastic surgery last year. 

Bachie fans were shocked by her appearance in the debut of the new show on Sunday night, sharing their reactions online. 

Keira explained she had long struggled with her appearance in some ways and this was something she has wanted for 10 years.  


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