‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Reveal They Are Living Together!

Spoiler Alert!

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Reveal They Are Living Together! Network Ten

Spoiler Alert: Ahead of tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise finale, one couple has confirmed they are not only still with each other, they are living together.

Appearing in a wedding themed photoshoot for Woman’s Day (they aren’t getting married though), Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate have spilled the beans on the progression of their romance!

The two are now living together, splitting their time between living in Jarrod’s Toms Cap Vineyard Retreat in Central Gippsland, and their home in Brighton, Melbourne, after Keira made the move from Sydney. 

"I help out where I can, whether it's in the kitchen, feeding the goats and chickens in the morning, or getting the eggs," she told the magazine.

"She has her gumboots, the whole thing! She wants me to teach her how to use the mowers, but for now I've just given her a rake!" Jarrod added.


As for meeting the family, both say their families are over the moon about their relationship.

"It's weird how well I get on with his family,” Keira shared.

“His mum is so cute, she holds my hand. There's a lot of love in his family – they've been so welcoming, it's actually quite beautiful.”

Keira’s nan has also given her nod of approval.

"Her opinion counts more than anything, and she told me she really likes him and not to let him go. She's never said that about any of my boyfriends, so it was massive."

Although the pair has no wedding plans on the way, the Bachie lovebirds have certainly thought about it.

"Keira just wants to be a princess on the day, so that's what she'll get”, Jarrod said.

"I already know what sort of proposal will blow her away, but that's between me and the rock!"

Oh, and if they have a baby, it’s going to be a girl.

"He'd be an amazing dad, he'll be a cuddly bear," Keira gushed. "I was told by a psychic I'd have a girl, but if we do, I think Jarrod will love her more than me!"

"She will be a princess,” Jarrod added. “I see my mates with their daughters and that's what I want. I'd be such a softie.

"And Keira would bring up the kids so well. She's such a good role model. There are too many people who tiptoe around issues but she says it how it is. She'd show them not to be afraid of who they are, and be the person they want to be."

Keira’s very confident she’s found the one.

"I grew up watching Disney movies and I was so inspired by love. I'd ask people, 'How do you know he's The One?' And they'd just tell me, 'When you know, you know.' And that's how I feel with Jarrod,” she told the magazine.

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