ATTN ‘00s Kids: ‘Blue Crush’ Is Getting A TV Reboot!

Not a drill!

ATTN ‘00s Kids: ‘Blue Crush’ Is Getting A TV Reboot! Universal Pictures

It's time to blow the dust off the old surfboards because Blue Crush is getting a reboot for TV! 

Blue Crush aka *the* surfer movie of the noughties is making its way back to our small screens and we are so here for this!


According to reports via Deadline: "NBC has given a script commitment with penalty to a series based on the 2002 Imagine feature..." 

Basically, this means that if NBC decides against airing the series, the network will owe the studio a tonne of money - and, we doubt anyone wants that! 

The report also stated that the film's original co-writer Lizzy Weiss and producer Brian Glazer are both coming back to help produce the reboot!

The classic movie surrounded three besties (Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake) who lived and surfed in Hawaii. 

Um - now, THAT'S some news to cheer up your Monday!