Ashley Irvin Reveals That She Was Forced To Remain On 'MAFS' With Troy

She spilled a few beans...

Ashley Irvin Reveals That She Was Forced To Remain On 'MAFS' With Troy Channel Nine

Reality TV is huge here in Australia, from Married At First Sight to Gogglebox, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise, Love Island... we could go on!

One thing that fans keep noticing in each new season of their favourite show however, is that at least one person included in a lot of the ~drama~ on some shows, is more than likely an actor.

On this season of MAFS, fans thought that Nasser was an actor when they found out that he had previously been on a season of Pawn Stars Australia, but now, Ashley has claimed that Troy may actually the actor in the mix!

A MAFS fan was lucky enough to bump into Ashley on a Virgin flight, as the TV bride works as a flight attendant with the company, and whilst having a chat about the show, she allegedly told the fan that Troy was selected for the show by an agency! 

The fan posted the photo in a private Married At First Sight Facebook group with the information she discovered in the caption. 

"She was really friendly and happy to do photos and answer sooo many questions by so many people.

"She said Troy didn’t apply for the show but was selected via an agency."

Ashley also told the fan that she wanted out of MAFS early on, but because her husband was picked as a main character in the show, she was forced to remain on the show.

"She also said they weren’t going to get rid of a main ‘character’ early so she had to play the game.

"She was beautiful to talk to, super helpful and stunning in person."

Because he was selected by an agency, it doesn't necessarily mean that Troy is an actor, but it is still a questionable piece of information...

A new preview for MAFS shows footage of Troy giving Ashley a gift and they're teasing it as an engagement ring!

We'll find out whether or not Troy decided to propose in tonight's episode, but it looks like Ashley didn't mention it, so either she knew it still hadn't aired, or the promo isn't showing us the full story... 


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