Ashley Finally Got Troy To Cut His Hair On TV This Morning!

They had to compromise...

Ashley Finally Got Troy To Cut His Hair On TV This Morning! Channel Nine

Troy has been a big talking point on this season of Married At First Sight for two reasons, firstly, for his exaggerated mannerisms and secondly, his bad decision making.

He confused Australia with the intense way he brushes his teeth, annoyed us when he left Ashley in the middle of the road whilst he did 2 minutes of push-ups when they were on their honeymoon and eventually, pushed his wife to breaking point last night during the show’s “yes” week.

Last night, Ashley was in control for “yes” week and one of her requests was for Troy to get a buzzcut.


Now, Troy cares about his hair just a bit too much and so in the middle of the street, the couple had their first explosive fight because he finally pushed his wife, who had been tolerating his weird behaviour since the very beginning, to breaking point.

He said he couldn’t “pull off the bald look” and if he cut his hair he’d “have to wear a wig of some kind” .

He’s had the same hair cut “since I was a baby, basically” and that he could stand to lose some of it, but not all of it.

Ashley was, understandably, not too happy.

She said that the cut would “bring them closer together” and told Troy that “hair does not define you”, which is very true!

Then Troy went on a tirade about how his “parents have very strong opinions about people who don’t appreciate what they’ve been given”, but does that apply to hair?

Ashley told him that the whole point of him getting a buzzcut was proving to her that he wasn’t obsessed with his looks, but his excuses were just proving that his looks may be more important to him than she was.

Not to mention the fact that he kept staring at himself in the barber's window…

But that wasn’t the end of it…

Later at the dinner party, Troy decided to make a speech that was positive, full of his over-the-top mannerisms and very embarrassing for Ashley because he "paid special tribute" to her and she clearly, didn't want to be involved.


They fought again at the dinner table, so what will become of Troy and the woman he "adores"?

Well, this morning, Troy agreed to have his hair trimmed on The Today Show.


It wasn't a buzzcut, but something tells us that his looks are going to become an issue as the show goes on...

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