Apparently Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Has Already Threatened To Quit The Bachelor

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Apparently Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Has Already Threatened To Quit The Bachelor Channel Ten

Although the next season of The Bachelor is still quite a while away, rumours about Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins' stint on the show have already started spreading across the internet.

According to New Idea, the rugby legend has already threatened to pull out of the reality dating show after producers asked him to shave off his moustache and cut his hair!

An ~insider~ told the magazine that Nick wasn't happy about being told to "clean up his unconventional look to make his appearance more attractive" to the women vying for his heart.


He allegedly said that he'd "walk out of the reality show for good" if the makeover was to go ahead.

"There is still a fear that he just won't resonate with the majority of girls , so they are really banking on his sense of humour and down to earth demeanour to win them over."

Many fans of The Bachelor have voiced their concern over the sports star, saying that they won't watch the show because of him.

A lot of people also slammed Channel Ten for choosing another celebrity Bachelor over a regular guy because of the success of Sophie Monk's Bachelorette season.


Although some devoted Bachelor fans are against the casting, the show seems to also be drawing in more viewers because they decided to cast a rugby legend.

Footy fans have shown their newfound interest in the show and it seems that although The Bachelor may have some viewers threatening to stop watching it, they also have some new viewers interested in how the Honey Badger will go in the mansion.

So would a makeover keep the loyal fans from straying, or would it be better to let Nick keep his signature look to draw in a new audience?


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