Apollo Jackson Has Some Strong Words For People Who Slam Entertainers


Apollo Jackson Has Some Strong Words For People Who Slam Entertainers Channel Ten

As you may have guessed, after the latest season of The Bachelorette wrapped up, a lot of the contestants went back to doing what they do best.

For Apollo Jackson, that was shocking audiences with his magic and death-defying stunts and also, dabbling in music.

The 24-year-old has also signed on for the first season of Bachelor In Paradise because although he's still a young buck, he wants to find love.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with his decision.

Apollo took to Instagram overnight to post a MASSIVE message to those people who have been slamming his decisions since finishing The Bachelorette.

First, he posted a screenshot of a message he sent to someone who told him they weren't happy that he'd returned to the entertainment industry after his reality TV debut.

Image: @apollojacksonofficial Instagram

"I'm an entertainer, that's what I do for work when I was sleeping in my car and eating out of cans... I did it because I loved it, I'd show up and sing for 4 hours for $50 some gigs, other gigs I'd do for nothing.

"I do it because I love it, I don't care about money.

"I've worked my freaking a** off and have for years with what I do, through critical care, through being broke, through years of rejection, through depression, through ridicule and bullying.

"I genuinely want an amazing girl to share my crazy life with... it's not easy, I sleep 3-4 hours most nights, I'm always travelling.

"I got rejected from Sophie, yeah... it hurt, I put myself out there and I got rejected but what I do is move forward, I'm back working and working my a** off doing what I love to make people happy and bring money to the causes I support.

"Why do I cop all the crap?

"Any of the other guys that went on the show that went back to the careers and are trying to get support... but me going back to my normal life and working my absolute a** off at what I do for a living to be the best I can isn't ok?"


In the caption of his photo, Apollo then explained why he decided to share the message he sent and again, ask why him going back to his day job is such an issue.

"I have had a few messages, people not happy that I've gone back to entertaining full time, back to charity work and back to working my butt off. 

"I feel it's super lame to do but I just want to leave this here it's the last reply I wrote.

"it's important people know where I come from, What my intentions are and why I do what I do.

"I really hope that I can encourage people to push through the hard times, work hard and chase their dreams. 

"It kinda sucks to get ridiculed. I want love and someone special to share my life with just as much as anyone.

"The last few years with what I've been through mentally, emotionally and the amount of travelling haven't allowed me to have that, I'm grounded now I know what I want and I can't wait to find that amazing woman that loves me for me and understands why I do what I do.. to make people smile, not to be a gazillionare."

We have no idea when Bachelor In Paradise will debut, but hopefully, Apollo does find a girl to share his exciting life with.