Another MAFS Groom Has Gone Into Hiding & This Is Getting INTENSE!

This is not good...

Another MAFS Groom Has Gone Into Hiding & This Is Getting INTENSE!

After Lauren's shocking exit, it was revealed that Andrew Jones, the second villain of Married At First Sight, had gone into hiding.

He said he's not left his house since the 'runaway bride' episode had aired to avoid the embarrassment of being recognised on the street.

Well, we all know what happened after that.

Now it looks like ANOTHER MAFS groom has confined himself to his home.

Let's just get this out of the way now, it's not Sean.


In fact, during an interview with, it was the farmer himself who revealed why his co-star wasn't leaving the house.

Do you know who he might be talking about?

We'll give you a hint:


Sean explained in the interview that despite being labelled at the second villain of the show, "a lot of Australia didn’t get to see all of him.

"He just does his work and goes to the gym and that’s about it because there’s a lot of Australians who don’t like him.

"He’s just waiting until it’s all finished and for it to die down so he can just go and do some stuff because it’s very difficult for him."

He also mentioned that despite calling Nadia "frigid" on camera, Anthony still treated her with a lot of respect.

"He was very caring. He would genuinely pull the chair out for Nadia to sit down. He would get her dinner. He would pour her drink."

"He always told her how beautiful and how gorgeous she looked."

It's no secret that MAFS fans have strong feelings towards Anthony, but maybe now that Sean has explained things a bit more they could be swayed to think differently.


We'll just have to see how everything pans out.

Image: Channel Nine