Andrew From House Rules Has Received Some Horrible News

After his accident on the show...

Andrew From House Rules Has Received Some Horrible News

Image: Channel 7

After a horrific accident on House Rules, Andrew King has received some awful news.

The Perth native received a deep cut to his wrist whilst renovating a property and has been told that it will take up to two years for feeling to return to his hand.

Andrew was rushed to hospital when he cut an artery in his left wrist whilst renovating a home on the Gold Coast.

He was attempting to place a large sheet of glass in a bin when the glass shattered and deeply sliced his left wrist.

Image: Channel 7

Jono King, Andrew's brother and team member on the show, said that he feared for his brother's life.

“I actually thought I could lose my brother.

“I was pretty panicked cos I thought a cut on the wrist is pretty serious. If it’s in the right place it could be the end if an ambulance doesn’t get there quick enough."

Andrew went into emergency surgery at the hospital and now says he has feeling back in his ring finger.