Alex Nation Sends Private DM's From Michael Turnbull To Media Outlets, Tea Gets Spilt

Se spilt A LOT of tea!

Alex Nation Sends Private DM's From Michael Turnbull To Media Outlets, Tea Gets Spilt Network Ten / @alexandranation Instagram

Bachelor drama isn't restricted to television, or more specifically, when one of the Bachelor shows is ON television... oh no. 

The Bachie drama is still happening and today, Alex Nation has spilt some tea about Michael Turnbull!

The Bachelor winner has sent private Instagram messages between herself and Micheal to Woman's Day, suggesting that he wanted to stage a paparazzi shoot with her!

The Bachelor In Paradise and Bachelorette star sent Alex a private message on Instagram asking her if she was in Perth.

Images: @alexandranation Instagram via The Daily Mail 

Alex then asked "what sorta pics we takin'?", which is half hidden in one of her screenshots, before Michael then replied "just a coffee or something?".

Alex declined Michael's offer to catch up before Michael decided to clarify that the photoshoot was for a "branding campaign" and not for paparazzi shots.

The Daily Mail were also sent the screenshots and when they reached out to Michael, he said that he definitely wasn't trying to stage photos for the media.

"It's disgusting Alex would send someone's private messages to the media and make false claims to the media just to make a few dollars.

"At no stage did I mention staged pap photos. I asked her for a photo shoot as it was for a photo shoot I needed for some branding, not for media. I think it's very ironic she is the one who sent my screenshots to the media. That's embarrassing for her."

Alex hasn't replied to Michael's comments, but WOW!


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