After School Aussie TV Shows We All Watched That Need To Come Back Now‏

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

After School Aussie TV Shows We All Watched That Need To Come Back Now‏

After a long hard day of dictation, maths problems, and intense handball, we all came home from school, kicked our shoes off, grabbed a Paddle Pop, watched these TV shows and everything was perfect.

But these shows are long gone and we don't think we can handle it any longer. Here are five shows we all watched that need to be either revamped or re-run, like stat! 

1. A*mazing

If you got home from school between 1994 - 1998 you would know that A*mazing was the COOLEST game show ever!

It worked because it combined everything you dreamed of as a kid - Mario Kart & Donkey Kong Country challenges, word games with a massive keyboard and an incredible maze with hidden letters and keys. We all remember watching at home screaming "IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!"  

This was THE games show we all wanted to be on and it needs to come back NOW! A Facebook page has even been set up in hopes of a return.


2. Pick Your Face

This children's game show aired from 1999 - 2003 and was all about celebrities' faces! Who could forget those GIANT NOSES!? Again this game show had us screaming at our televisions "IT'S BRAD PITT!"

Nothing reminds us more of the time this show aired than the prizes. This episode below shows the winner receiving an 'Encyclopaedia Brittanica CD Rom '99 Pack' and runners up getting a voucher for Pizza Haven!


3. Round The Twist 

We both know you don't need reminding of this legendary part of Australian 90s culture. From 1989 - 2001, Aussie kids were equally engaged and freaked out by the fantasy show based on Paul Jennings stories, following the Twist family who lived in a lighthouse.

Whenever you look back at this show with your friends the conversation no doubt becomes:"The one where his mouth shrinks!... No, the one where he puts on that lipstick that makes all the girls want to kiss him, including his sister! ... the ghost dunny episode, though!"

FYI, Tamsin West (the original Linda Twist) sang the theme song!


4. The Ferals

Speaking of theme songs we will never forget... FERALS! Randomest. Plot. Ever.

Kids who grew up watching this show will forever live with the struggle of trying to explain it to people who didn't. Long story short... feral puppet animals live in the backyard shed of a house where two human university students and their grumpy landlord live. Nothing's more Aussie than having characters referred to as "bogans from the bush".

Things then got really meta in 1995 with the spin-off show Feral TV, about the animals running their own television channel.


5. The Shak

This after school program aired during the mid - late 2000s and followed hosts Curio, Nitro, Picasso and Eco as they entertain and educated their viewers by answering questions and accepting dares. As their names suggest, all the hosts had a specialty (science, adventure, art, nature). The great thing about the show was its

The great thing about the show was its humour and how they would subtly tie in romantic side stories between the hosts in the episode. The Shak also had a spin-off The Shak at Home, where the show's format changed from a variety show to sitcom/variety show.