Police Are Warning Against Visiting This ‘Harry Potter’ Site

Be careful!

Police Are Warning Against Visiting This ‘Harry Potter’ Site

Image: Warner Bros. 

For those of you who are planning on getting epic selfies at this iconic Harry Potter film location, authorities are advising to ‘think again’. 

Us Harry Potter superfans will do pretty much anything to get the best Potter experiences possible, whether that meant waiting in a line all morning to get your hands on one of the books when it were first released, paying big bucks to visit The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, or travelling to hard-to-get locations from the films. 

It seems to be the latter that is giving authorities some grief. 

Turns out some Potterheads are trespassing up the side of Glenfinnan Viaduct, in the Scottish Highlands, which features as the location for the Hogwarts Express train bridge. 


The problem is that this location still services a Jacobite steam train and is extremely dangerous to trespass.  

Scottish police have now been forced to issue a warning to fans who intend on visiting the iconic location.

"[As] much as we love Harry Potter, I would like to remind everyone that we are mere Muggles, and if you trespass on the railway and are struck by a train, the consequences could be extremely serious and probably fatal,” stated Sergeant Kevin Lawrence


So maybe cross this one off the list. 

Be safe wizarding, friends!