How To Vlog Your Holiday Like A PRO!

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How To Vlog Your Holiday Like A PRO!

So you're heading off on the holiday of a lifetime and have no idea where to start when it comes to capturing all of your memories to look back on when you're pining for another getaway?

Here are our top tips on how to blog like a pro, without lugging around an entire production team size set up!

The Camera

Camera technology has come such a long way these days. You no longer need a camera as big as your head to get high quality video. Yi Technology offer a small 4k Action Camera that allows you to film in stunning 4k up to 30fps. What does this mean? Well you know how people talk about your TV being 1080HD? Well 4k is even higher quality. 30fps (frames per second) means you can shoot footage with lots and lots of images, allowing you to slow it down and get epic slo-mo videos, but it still keeps everything smooth.

This camera is so easy to use. In our personal experience, you can simply point and shoot or get more technical with the settings. It will cater for both those who love to personalise their settings or those who just want to have fun and not worry about the tech side.

The touch screen on the back of the camera made it SO straight forward to film content as you can see what you're doing as you're doing it! Unlike a lot of other action cameras we've tried, where you just press record and hope for the best, this camera gives you all the features of a normal camera...yet it can be popped in your pocket. The other great feature is the battery life. We found we could get a full 2 hours use out of the camera on 4k filming after just ONE charge!

Also, when touring around and filming in a bumpy car for example, switch the camera to 1080p and put the EIS on (Electronic Image Stabilisation) and BAM, you have a much smoother video! PLUS if you're hopeless with cords... don't stress! The 4k Action Camera has dual band high speed wifi so you can download at speeds up to 30Mbps and have more time to shoot, edit and share!

Find out more about this amazing camera here.

Check out an example of a vlog filmed on the Yi Technology 4K Camera below.


It doesn't stop there, YiTechnology have now released the 4k+ Action Camera that has everything it's predecessor does PLUS VOICE COMMAND (yes you read that right!) coming in a firmware update for the camera shortly, allowing you to control everything hands free. Another feature we love is the ability to support an external microphone. Check it out here.


The Kit

So you need lighting, a microphone, something to hold your phone or camera... where do you start? Well, we love iOgrapher. Mostly because they basically have everything in one package that you need. Their mobile phone filmmaking case gives you a frame you can slip your iPhone straight into, making vlogging a DREAM. This case allows your shot to be steady, you can attach an action camera or practically any other accessory using the different adapters OR you could grab one of their packages that hooks you up with a light, RØDE mic, case, filters and more. Check it out here.


The Editing

There are a few options when it comes to putting together your vlog once you're home. You could look at a professional set up like Adobe Premiere Pro or if you want to save the dollars, iMovie is also an option. If you're using a Mac, it usually comes standard and is so user friendly. YouTube is FULL of instructional videos on how to edit, how to get specific effects and more.