How To Guarantee Yourself A Stress-Free Flight Home This Christmas

Are you flying somehwere?

How To Guarantee Yourself A Stress-Free Flight Home This Christmas Foo Fighters Vevo

Christmas is just around the corner and many Australian probably have plane tickets to take them either home to their families or as far away from the stinking Aussie summer heat as possible.

Sometimes, when you arrive at the airport and hop on a flight, things can be pretty damn stressful.

David Lewis, a leading British neuropsychologist from Mind Lab, told that his team conducted some research at Heathrow Airport recently, showing that stress levels rise higher for someone in an airport than people who work as fighter pilots, riot police and Formula 1 drivers!

"The measurements were among the highest peaks in heart rate and blood pressure that we have ever seen."

He explained that the large crowds can increase anxiety in passengers to a certain extent, especially when someone is running late.

"It’s part of our primitive survival mechanism, but at airports, the problem is compounded by a sense of helplessness.

"This feeling is compounded by lack of information and the dismissive attitude of staff, who were themselves under enormous pressures, and one suspects even more stressed out than many of their passengers."

So how do you bring down your stress levels before boarding a flight?

Here are a few tips to ensure stress-free travel this Christmas:

Get To The Airport Early


This is probably the most obvious tip but even when you think you're running on schedule, traffic to the airport, finding an available car space and long lines at security can all affect that schedule and possibly make you late.

To make things easier, arrive at the airport roughly an hour earlier than you usually would so that instead of running out of time, you can relax knowing that you actually have time to spare!

Take Advantage Of Queue Jumps


Some airlines offer a 'Queue Jump' service, where for a small fee, you can beat the crowds and get to your seat on the plane without any hassles.

A lot of international airlines offer this and here in Australia, Tigerair also have a nifty little 'Queue Jump' service that you can purchase for only $3!

Most other airlines will let you on first if you're a business class customer as well, but that obviously involves a bit more money...

Be Prepared For Security Screenings

Who has been in a security screening line and had to wait a long time for someone to dig around in their massive bag for spray-on deodorant?

Or, even worse, has been that person trying to track down their deodorant?!

At security, there are a list of things that need to be scanned outside of your bag like aerosol cans, laptops and sometimes, if you have metal in your shoes, you even have to take those off!

To save your time, and everyone else's, make sure everything that needs to be scanned separately is out of your bag before you jump in the queue so all you need to do is pop it all on a tray and go about your day!

No, the rhyme wasn't intentional.

Wear Something Comfortable


If you're on a plane, you're most likely going to be squeezed into a small seat either between two complete strangers, or one complete stranger and a wall.

Fiddling about with your clothing and trying to get comfortable throughout the flight is extremely irritating not only for you, but probably for the person sitting next to you as well, so when you head to the airport, make sure you're comfy!

Wearing comfy clothes will not only make your flight more comfortable, it'll also make sure that moving around the airport is easy as well!

What are your best travel tips?

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