A Major International Airline Has Gotten Rid Of Its Reclining Seats!

But why?

A Major International Airline Has Gotten Rid Of Its Reclining Seats!

When you travel internationally, you probably love to pop on your noise cancelling headphones, a nice eye mask and recline your seat, so you can sleep soundly throughout your flight.

You may enjoy adjusting your seat a bit for added comfort, but if you're unlucky enough to be sitting behind someone on a flight who had pushed their seat back and has taken almost every bit of leg room you have, you probably wouldn't be a fan of seat reclining.


Well, one international airline has decided to bin their reclining seats altogether now, making your long flights either more, or less comfortable, depending on how you like your seat.

British Airways will be taking reclining seats out of 35 planes to help reduce ticket prices for short-haul economy flights.

The airline will fit the non-reclining seats on their new fleet of 35 Airbus A320neos and A321neos, which will come into service later this year.


A British Airways spokesperson released a statement about the seats, saying that there are other changes being implemented to their new aircrafts.

"As well as new long-haul aircraft, we have 35 brand new short-haul planes arriving over the next five years.

"We are installing at-seat power throughout the aircraft and will soon offer on-board Wi-Fi.

"The new aircraft will have brand new seats set to a gentle recline to ensure everyone in the cabin enjoys a comfortable journey.

"These changes will also allow us to offer more low fares to customers."

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