A Harry Potter Cruise Which Takes You To The Films’ Locations Is Coming!

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A Harry Potter Cruise Which Takes You To The Films’ Locations Is Coming! Warner Bros.

This new river cruise is a MUST ADD for all muggles on their next trip to the UK.

In an act of pure genius, Barge Lady Cruises are launching a new 7-day long Harry Potter Cruise!

The trip will take passengers along the famous River Thames, stopping at the now even more famous filming locations from Harry Potter.

Stops include:

Virginia Water: This is where Harry flew Buckbeak across the Hogwarts Great Lake. It’s also where Hermione is all like: “I’m not an owl!”

Picket Post Close: Where the exterior shots of 4 Privet Drive were shot - the Dursley’s house!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter: Fans don’t really need an explanation for this one. Every set, prop and costume you can think of will probably be here and this should already be on your travel bucket list.

Christ Church College: Located in Oxford, this is what the Hogwarts Great Hall is based on and was even used to film scenes in the first two movies!

The experience is made all the more ~magical~ with one of the six crew members on-board being a chef who will prepare a Potter-inspired feast which, according to Travel and Leisure, includes “tea and scones, champagne receptions, an open bar (with hopefully as much butterbeer as you can drink) and a hot tub” – OKAY THEN!


If you’re thinking “I bet this costs a billion dollars,” you’re unfortunately quite close.

The 7-day venture houses just seven passengers and costs $4,190 USD per person!

2018 cruises run between August 5 – 11 and August 19 – 25.

If you’re keen to book, find out more here!