UberPOOL Is Finally Coming To Australia So You Can Go 50/50 With A Random

Awkward chats & cheap fares

UberPOOL Is Finally Coming To Australia So You Can Go 50/50 With A Random Uber

If you’ve ever been to LA, you’d know that UberPOOL is one of the most popular ways to travel around the city, and now the service is finally coming to Australia.

So what exactly is it?

UberPOOL allows drivers to find other folks in need of a ride, who are travelling to roughly the same destination as a passenger, pick them up along the way, and all journey together like a carpool.

The total fare is then split between the passengers, making the ride way cheaper!

Unlike the US, it looks like travellers, not drivers, may be the ones to find a fellow passenger. 

Here, people in need of a ride will actually have to wait 1-2 minutes as the app finds a match of someone travelling to the same location as them. They will then have to walk to a pickup spot to meet their driver and new travel buddy so they won't be taking any detours. 

The service will first be tested in select areas of Sydney from April 3, before spreading out across Australia.

To sweeten the deal even more, Uber are offering 50% off regular UberX rides to early users of UberPOOL.

Uber's Australia and New Zealand general manager Henry Greenacre told 9Finance:

"We know there are a huge number of Uber trips happening every single day in and around Sydney. We also know we have a serious problem with traffic congestion, especially during our morning commutes.

"What UberPOOL brings is a systematic way of getting more people into fewer cars, and getting people to share the cost of each of their rides."

As for safety fears (or even just awkward moment fears), Greenacre assures “we really stand behind our safety features and we're really confident people will enjoy their ride with someone else – it's a great way to meet other people."

As someone who shared an Uber with a woman in LA who entered the car with her adorable little dog in a carrier and then paid $6 for my trip, I’m extremely keen to see how this rolls out down under!

The service is a great option if you’re not in a rush to get somewhere at a very specific time and want to save some dollerydoos, but just know it’s only available for up to three passengers.

Are you keen to see this service rolled out down under or do you have fears about it? Let us know your thoughts in Facebook comments! 

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