Apple Will Release THREE New iPhones NEXT Month

Will YOU be getting an upgrade?

Apple Will Release THREE New iPhones NEXT Month Apple

Waiting for the new iPhones is like waiting for another season of Game of Thrones: everyone speculates about what’s going to happen, but we rarely ever get it right. 

While everyone’s still contesting what the next iPhone will look like, new reports from Buzzfeed sources have revealed that Apple will be releasing THREE new versions of their iPhone at an event next month!

They’re also set to reveal an upgraded Apple TV model, which will support 4K streaming and will DOUBLE the resolution it used to have. 

That’s enough to have us excited!


But then in walks the price. 

One of the models will cost $1,000 plus, and will feature a bezel-less, curved OLED screen and will have an unlocking system that used facial recognition. 

We’re finally nearing the epic future that Back To The Future depicted for us… 


Okay, maybe not quite.