We Tried Blac Chyna's Face Masks So You Don't Have To

We actually love them!

We Tried Blac Chyna's Face Masks So You Don't Have To

Blac Chyna has followed in the footsteps of her semi-relatives the Kardashians by releasing her own beauty line. 

The line is a collaboration with Australian brand BodyBlendz, and after we saw this photo we decided we absolutely had to try it. 


There are a few different products in Blac Chyna's range, but there were two in particular that we wanted to try. The Eye Masks and the Crystal Collagen Facial Masks because they both look ridiculous and amazing. 

Naturally we turned a meeting room into a day spa for the morning and asked ladies in the office to try the masks with us. As it was the day after the Christmas party it wasn't hard to convince people to join in. 

First of all we tried the Crystal Collagen Facial Masks. This is the one that Chyna is wearing in the image above, and we had high expectations because it looks so other-worldly. 

Here's the official description:

"Say hello to your new must-have for seriously smooth, glowing skin. The Blac Chyna X Blendz Crystal Collagen Facial Mask, an intensely hydrating, purifying treatment mask is your ticket to a radiant, even-toned and clarified complexion. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Charcoal Powder, fine lines are smoothed, skin’s texture is refined and pigmentation is reduced, all without irritation."

The mask is basically like a sheet mask made out of a slightly rubbery feeling substance. In the packet it looks pretty weird. 

After pulling it out of the packet, it was application time. Honestly we'd recommend lying down on a couch and forcing a friend to apply it for you. And then stay lying down, because it immediately starts to slip off your face. 

Here are some of the comments we made while staying as still as possible:

"It actually feels really nice!"
"It feels cool, it's soothing my hangover"
"It's falling off my face... oh wait I got it back up"
"This is the best day of my life!"

OK so it was a bit awkward lying in a meeting room in the middle of the office with these masks on our faces, but I would say it was worth it. It did feel really soothing and refreshing. And when we pulled them off our faces, our skin legitimately felt softer and smoother and had a subtle glow to it. We were pleasantly surprised to get those sorts of results. 

While some of us were applying the face masks, the rest of us decided to put on Chyna's Eye Masks.

"Formulated specifically for the delicate eye area, Blac Chyna X Blendz Eye Masks are contain a unique cocktail of ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and restore tone and texture. A multi-functioning hydrogel eye treatment, Blac Chyna X Blendz Eye Masks are infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin E for a refreshed, smoother looking eye area."

First of all, these are hard to open. Get a pair of scissors ready. You'll have to hack your way into them. 

The Eye Masks are made of a similar substance to the Face Masks, so we knew what we were in for. We immediately peeled them out of the packets, and placed them under our eyes. 

To be honest we weren't too sure which direction they were meant to be applied in, but they seemed to have the same results no matter how you positioned them.

We had mixed results with these. While some of us felt like they were sliding down our faces, others were able to walk around the office comfortably and even go back to their desks to keep working. The trick seems to be lying down for five minutes or so straight after application so they dry slightly, and then you're good to go. 

The results of the Eye Masks were pretty impressive too. Words thrown around after removing them included "refreshed", "hydrated" and "tight". 

Would we recommend trying these masks? Yes, but you'll enjoy it more if you try them with your friends so you can laugh at how ridiculous you all look. And if you don't work in a relaxed office environment, maybe save it for your bathroom at home. Blac Chyna has nailed it! More products please!

You can get them for yourself at bodyblendz.com.