Vagina Shoulders Are A Thing & WHY?!

To each their own...

Vagina Shoulders Are A Thing & WHY?!

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures / The Iconic. 

We’ve all heard people go bonkers over ‘vagina’ dresses, aka dresses with designs that highly resemble the female form ‘down there’. 

Well, hold on to your horses, because vagina shoulders are a thing too and oh boy we don’t know how we forgot about them… 

No, this isn’t some rare physical condition where people legit have vaginas on their shoulders. 

We’re talking about tops and dresses with shoulder designs that resemble this. 



The Iconic have released Aussie fashion label Asilio’s new Last Call Top and it comes in at $239.95. 


Not that wearing such designs is something to be ashamed of… maybe we should wear them out and about and flaunt our pride in being women. 

Would YOU wear this?

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