This Long Wear Foundation Is The Holy Grail For Oily Skin!

So much yes!

This Long Wear Foundation Is The Holy Grail For Oily Skin!

Image: @meccamaxima Instagram

Have you ever noticed your foundation starting to disappear at around 2pm?

Have you seen it get stuck in your pores but still somehow reveal your blemishes and pigmentation that it was SUPPOSED to cover up?

I'm not going to lie, this has happened to me a lot.

I have very temperamental skin.

In summer it's blotchy, red and oily AF, but in winter it's dry as a bone everywhere except my t-zone.


Most of the foundations I've tried over the years have served me well until just after lunch when I can see my bright red nose poking through my otherwise perfect foundation.

Primer helps, but again I'm not going to lie to you, the ones that actually work for me are really expensive. 

So I just dealt with it, applying powder every couple of hours onto the areas that started showing my natural skin... until now!

Whilst scrolling through the latest products on the Mecca website, I noticed their new Life Proof Longwear Foundation.


13 people had already said that it was their new miracle product so, on a whim, I dropped $32 on that bad boy.

Best decision I've ever made!

Mecca's new Life Proof Longwear Foundation is honestly perfect for those on the oily side of the skin spectrum.

After only applying a small amount (don't worry, I had primer on too) the foundation evened out my skin tone and kept my oiliness at bay ALL DAY!

The formula is only $32 and comes in eight different shades at the moment. 

The tube is pretty big as well, so if you're only using a small amount, it'll probably last forever.


If you're keen to try it, I recommend testing out the shades before you grab them because they are currently limited to the warmer skin tones, but they'll no doubt add more shades down the track.

So in a nutshell, the Mecca Life Proof Longwear Foundation controls oil, evens out your skin tone, is cheap AF and will last you ages.

That's pretty cool, right?!